Vitrea Fundamentals Course (V7)- NSW

Monday - Wednesday, 2-4 December 2019
10:00am - 3:30pm

CPD Points Apply

Canon Medical Systems ANZ
Building C, 12-24 Talavera Road
North Ryde NSW 2113, Australia

This three-day post-processing course teaches the fundamentals of Vital Images’ advanced visualisation software. Participants receive an overview of the variety of applications and disciplines within the software including CT angiography, lung, tumour, MSK, perfusion, pulmonary and renal. Learn to manipulate 2D and 3D images, including multi-planar reformatting (MPR), maximum intensity projection (MIP) and volumes, through hands-on exercises delivered by experienced clinical applications instructors.

Each course module reinforces standardised learning methodology with step-by-step instruction for image acquisition, protocol assignment, case analysis and image distribution.

Who Should Attend

This course is open to all Radiographers and Physicians wishing to familiarise themselves with the Vitrea suite. It is ideal for new users, either after (or prior to) installation of a Vitrea Advanced or Enterprise system.


Day 1 10am to 5pm
Day 2 9am to 5pm
Day 3 9am to 3:30pm


  • Describe volumetric imaging concepts
  • Perform orthopedic imaging workflows
  • Identify and interrogate cardiac, peripheral and other vascular anatomy
  • Describe multi-planar reformatting techniques
  • Discuss basic patient prep for CTA exams
  • Demonstrate workflow for volumetric imaging and reporting
  • Demonstrate proficiency of CTA concepts
  • Discuss image reporting and distribution techniques


$750 per person

Day 1

Welcome and Overview
Methods of Education with VitalU
(How to access distance learning tools)
Accessing Vitrea and the enterprise environment
MPR and 3D Imaging Basics
Anatomy Segmentation
Distribution of Reports
Ortho and MSK
Intro to angio: Aorta, AAA, Peripheral

Day 2

Review Day 1
Continued angio: Peripheral, Carotids, Renals, COW
Calcium scoring
Intro to cardiac angiography
Virtual Colonography
Lung analyses

Day 3

Review Day 2
Brain Perfusion/ Analysis
Liver analyses
Stent Planning
Train the trainer techniques